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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a usual way of reacting to danger, it is the fight-or-flight response that is triggered when you feel threatened by any person or a situation. In simple fashion, Anxiety is a state that occurs when you feel threatened in any situation. Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes like increased blood pressure. These dangerous situations can be real or anticipated, for example; cracking an interview, appearing for an examination, going on a date or first day at school.Anxiety is a very common condition that can happen to anybody.What Anxiety feels like?Let us Illustrate an example to quote how anxiety feels like. Whenever you get anxious, you feel like someone is following you with a bag full of your thoughts, and even if you try hard you’re unable to get rid of the baggage or the figure carrying the baggage. With each and every thought present in front, you wonder what to do in such a situation? Often want to hide yourself from that figure but are unable to.Anxiety disorder appears when;Major Anxiety disorders include;Generalized Anxiety DisorderGAD is when you feel discomfort in your day to day work, you feel anxious even on small things. This mental state happens due to the disturbance in the chemicals present in the brain which are linked to a person’s mood for example: serotonin etc. You can assess GAD by taking the Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 (GAD-7) on the .Obsessive-compulsive Disorder An overwhelming urge or desire to perform a task continuously, leading by intrusive and distressing thoughts. Easily reflects in the daily habits of a person for example: washing hand, cleaning or washing. Post-traumatic Stress DisorderGenerally seen after experiencing a huge incident, for example: being in a war zone, encountering something brutal or un obvious, surviving a disaster. PhobiasAn excessive or repeated fear of something. For example: fear of heights, animals, places and so on. Panic AttacksSudden intense fear that brings a person to the state of panic attack which involves feeling of choking, people often mis concept panic attack as a heart attack.  AgoraphobiaAgoraphobia is the fear of being at places where you feel difficult to escape from.  For example: Being in a public transport or any crowded place.CoronaphobiaThe COVID-19 pandemic has multiple socioeconomic and psychological ramifications. It has caused mental problems such as fear, anxiety as well as physical problems in humans. The concern of COVID-19 has been called coronaphobia. You can assess COVID-19 related anxiety by taking the Coronavirus Anxiety Scale (CAS) on the .What Anxiety disorder does to your body?Anxiety disorders can also affect the functioning of your body in several ways including slowing the functioning and processing of your immune system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, central nervous system and excretory and digestive system.Causes of Anxiety attacks? can also be caused by anxiety issues when severe, features stronger emotions, more intense and overwhelming feelings than other types of anxiety disorders.It tends to start when something triggering appears or you feel you get stuck in a situation. Anxiety attacks are sudden and occur without a warning. For example; an important examination you have to appear for. Anxiety attacks generally peak within 10 minutes and rarely lasts more than 30 minutes. Within this short period of time you get to experience a rush of emotions and with the physical changes people may misconcept anxiety attacks with a heart attack. Where you totally loose control and the feeling of terror or fear reaches to the extent.Anxiety attacks affects your body in several ways including; A panic attack or anxiety attack do share some common symptoms but they are not the same. According to DSM-V anxiety attack is not mentioned anywhere so it comes under a category of panic attack.Self-help for AnxietyResources to help you fight anxiety disordersRemember, having symptoms of anxiety is different than having an anxiety disorder. If you think you have some symptoms of anxiety, it may be time to start a conversation with someone you trust to explore what is going on and how things can get better.
Yashika Agarwal
Yashika Agarwal
Wed Jan 12 2022

How Deepika Padukone Fought Depression

Mental illness is something that people like to hide under the sheath. Even if someone feels depressed – they don’t speak out and go into incognito mode. Mental illness or depression is not something to be embarrassed about – it is something people need to talk about. During bouts of , you might feel miserable about yourself. But during this phase, you need to stay aware. Mental illness begins with accepting that you’re suffering from it. Then, you need to talk about it with your parents, partner, friends, co-workers, or counselors. It is not easy to open up about mental illness and depression. But, in Bollywood, made the first move when she shared her which inspired others to come out and speak. She recently opened up about her depression in a special episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati. She quoted her foundation – The Live Love Laugh Foundation – aiming to help all the people who suffer from depression. Facts about Deepika’s storyBeing unhappy is different and not similar to being depressed. Depression is a complicated term and needs proper treatment. Determining the signs of depression is the first step towards healing.In a depressed state, you will feel hopeless. For many people – it is about lost faith and hope. Moreover, there can be a feeling of persistent sadness. When depressed – you will feel a loss of interest in many things. You won’t feel like eating, sleeping and you won’t be able to concentrate on your work. In depression – you will feel fatigued. Most people who suffer from chronic depression feel tired the whole day. Besides, you won’t feel like having your food. , , and depression are co-related. When you’re depressed, many constant fears trigger your mind. Following this, you can get an anxiety attack. A depressed state can cause irritability. You will feel irritated without any reason, as a result – you may even shout at your loved ones.You may gain weight or lose weight in depression. Also, gaining weight is a sign of chronic depression, and most people aren’t even aware of it. When you feel depressed – you suffer from uncontrolled emotions. You can cry any minute or become sad for no reason – you won’t be able to control your tears in sadness. This is a chronic sign of depression. Most people who suffer from chronic depression have suicidal thoughts. As a result of which they may end their life. You need to accept that you are in depression – it is the first step towards healing. Mental illness is a state that can be cured, and it starts with acceptance. Most people emphasize physical health, but mental health is equally important. Therefore, you should do your best to keep your mental health sound. Forgive and forget is a difficult yet best way to move on in life. If you hold past grudges against people – it will also disturb your mental health. The best way is to forgive the person and move on with your life. The energy that you channelize in a positive direction will affect your mental health. If you channelize your energy towards work or your passion – it will bring a good amendment. You can always impact someone’s by sharing your life story, or share your depression story with someone to motivate them and make them feel better. Some battles may be tiring,  but it is important to stay put. You can come out of depression when you fight your own battle and remain aware. Moreover, it is essential not to seek dependency on others. Once you know you’re feeling depressed – seek the support of your family or friends. Call up our best friend and speak your heart out. Besides, you can talk to your loved ones to feel better. It is ok to feel low if you are feeling depressed. You can have your bouts of sadness and mood swings. The key idea is to let out your emotions in some way. Once you know that you are depressed – the best way to seek therapy is through counseling and therapy. through apps can help you to heal in your journey.Self-help care, and resources to help you fight depressionLife is stressful, but controlling stress matters the most—practicing stress-relief techniques like yoga and meditation to manage stress. Reach out to your family if you stay alone and you’re feeling depressed. One phone call or one stay with them will make a difference in your mood.Don’t ignore the signs of depression. Once you know that you are depressed – seek early treatment. Early treatment ensures better healing. Continue the treatment the therapist offers for depression. Unfortunately, depression cannot be treated in a single day – you will need long-term maintenance treatment t for it. Some psychiatrists or therapists prescribe medications for depression. While these medicines can provide you relief, please don’t get too dependent on them for long-term relief. Some open forums and communities invite depressed people to share their stories. Sometimes it is best to pour your heart into strangers – you will feel better.Divert your mind when you feel depressed. Listen to your favorite song or start cooking. Cooking is great for relieving stress – it also changes your mood. It’s easier said than done – but at least you can try. Try staying positive for self-healing. Read good books and go for a walk to feel better. A positive frame of mind is suitable for your mood.Depression can affect your mental, emotional and physical state. It is beyond the feeling of sadness, and it is essential to recognise the early signs. If you cry without reason, are always sad, and don’t feel like doing anything – it is about time you take online counseling for depression. The right therapist will understand your problem, listen to you, and take you on a guided path to healing. As an online counseling session is between two people – you can trust the therapist with your problems. The idea is to speak your heart out – you can do it through online counseling for depression. You can try the app to screen yourself for depression by taking the Patient Health Questionnaire 9 (PHQ-9) assessment. Further you can book a session with verified psychologists and therapists to help overcome your depressive state.
Mridula Sharma
Mridula Sharma
Fri Jan 07 2022

The Ins and Outs of Understanding Relationships

Love is one of the purest emotion, and marriage solemnizes love. Therefore, most people seek love as an expression of a marriage alliance. Being compatible with someone and spending your life is one of the most meaningful aspects of life. Besides, marriage gives you a sense of fulfilment and the feeling of being with a soul mate. However, there is another aspect of a marriage. Some marriages don’t work even if you give your 100% to them. And, there are many reasons why sincerely committed couples to lose spark with time. But, acquiring skills to make a connection last needs effort, and if you don’t make that effort – the prevalence of relationship troubles starts.Some famous Bollywood couples like – Shahrukh Khan and Gauri, Ajay Devgan and Kajol, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle who have had a successful marriage run – All these stars have quoted that they made efforts and adjustments to make their marriage work.A marriage can’t work if you don’t make adjustments and efforts. Every couple may go through a troubled phase in marriage – but how you deal with the phase is essential. In addition, a successful marriage depends on a lifelong commitment. Moving on is not always ugly. For Example, Hrithik Roshan and Susan, Bill Gates and Melinda handled their divorce with dignity. Even after taking divorce – they chose to remain friends – setting an ideal example of a healthy relationship. Moving on is tough, but you can move on with mutual consent once you know the red flags. ;Online and therapy are essential for couples who wish to seek advice on relationship issues. In fact, any couple going through marital problems can benefit from therapy. A therapist can help the couples work on parenting frustrations, infidelity, financial worries, emotional or substance abuse. Couples that suffer from the difficulties of marriage can talk to an online counselor or therapist who is impartial and committed to being active listeners to both the parties involved. In addition, therapists can act as an advocate for the health of your relationship.In many cases, couples who had filed for divorce reconciled because of a successful . When no one understands – a counselor can better understand your marriage woes. Nowadays, many apps can help you with . We highly recommend you to try We have the best therapists who have successfully helped tens of thousands of people, struggling with relationships, just like you.
Team TickTalkTo
Team TickTalkTo
Wed Dec 29 2021
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