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The Housewife Syndrome

Are you a tireless worker making sure you take into consideration all the needs of family members? Do you find yourself exhausted by the end of your day and are constantly depressed in the mood? Do you feel depressed about your self-worth and feel as if you’re working the most unfulfilling job you could ever have? No one acknowledges your efforts and everyone is unhappy and nobody is impressed by your talents and talents or the sacrifices you’ve made in your daily life. I believe the majority of women can relate to these concerns, especially home wives and homemakers. If this is the state of your mind and you are constantly sad, depressed and suicidal and you feel like getting out of your home and breaking every shackle that is blocking you, then you’re suffering from House Wife Syndrome for sure. It isn’t a condition however it is a state of mind that is triggered by being in a state of depression, feeling under-valued, being subject to abuse, oppression and more from a marriage. If one is susceptible to negative feelings through the children of a husband or relatives is not a matter of concern it’s the mindset women go through over the many years. This causes a myriad of health issues, including premature aging mood swings, a decrease in sexual drive, depression, anxiety, stress and a constant feeling of feelings of low self-worth. Changes in the menstrual cycle and gastrointestinal disorders headaches, constant moments of suicidal feeling. The perpetual worry in the mind can make women irritable and can trigger other behaviour changes that affect family and the marriage negatively.Perhaps we’ve had the experience of it ourselves and may have observed our moms attentively as they explained why they were discontent, or constantly nagging and shouting at each other for something or other. What impact did our actions have on her or how she may feel when we spoke harsh phrases to her? This all comes together to conclude that the housewife or a homemaker can go through this stage. Housewife’s syndrome, however, was largely ignored for a long time. Now it has now come more prominently due to the increasing instances of domestic violence oppression, domestic violence, and other social issues women in the home face which are impacting her emotional and mental health. Additionally, increased awareness and access to mental health professionals have prompted her to seek out help.Women and SocietyThe constantly evolving society and the shifting roles of women over the last decades have put the burden on her. The need for educated brides, be capable of working and supporting families, or to quit their jobs to take care of the family, manage the household as a household worker and be able to do multiple tasks without compromising on quality is putting her in a difficult position. If women are an alleged hue wife, then there are different expectations. If the woman who is the housewife is educated She feels marginalised and experiences feelings of low self-esteem as she observes her knowledge and skills not being put to good use. Domestic violence, domestic abuse as well as an untrustworthy partner can cause a lot of stress.Signs and symptoms of the Housewife SyndromeThe symptoms of the syndrome are anxiety, depression, somatization, interpersonal sensitivity, as well as obsessive-compulsive symptoms. It can impact the physical health of a couple, their marriage as well as stability. Housewives typically play a caregiver position within their families. The negative self-image they have can impact their mental health and this can cause problems with eating and sleep.Housewives are at a higher chance to develop eating disorders, especially if they have young children. Self-perception issues can increase the likelihood of experiencing psychological signs. It is believed that women who have low self-esteem tend to be anxious, stressed and dissatisfied in their marriages. They’re usually too busy to make time to themselves. They might even have an unflattering opinion of themselves. This can cause anger, sleep disorders, and anxiety.Housewife syndrome is a condition that can be grave. Research has shown that women who are on the point of menopausal transition will likely be depressed, suffer from morbid obsession and may develop physical symptoms. Their husbands might not want to spend the time they spend with them. The wife might experience aloofness from her family, while the husband might not want to be intimate.Treatment and Therapy for the Housewife SyndromeHousewives shouldn’t have to suffer with these symptoms. Therapies and treatments can allow them to recover and lead a normal life. Discussion about the issues one is able to take away the burden from women. They require someone to be a part of their journey and assist them in tackling their issues in a straightforward manner.Mental health professionals or doctors must be attentive to the needs of their patients. They should examine their physical health and be able to comprehend and alleviate their fears. If they fail to do this the patients of their patients might be suffering from physical or emotional injury. Some symptoms associated with housewife syndrome could be severe, but they’re not life-threatening. Certain doctors may be in a position to treat the issue and there are a few solutions readily available.Talk Therapy or CounsellingThis is the best method of dealing with the housewife syndrome since speaking with someone will allow you to release all the unresolved anger inside. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of what’s happening in your life and how you can deal with the situation in a more effective manner. The only thing a woman requires is someone who will listen to her, without being judgmental and help her to overcome any prejudgments.At , we have curated the best psychologists, counsellors and mental health specialists who can support you in times of distress. Our non-judgmental and compassionate approach will provide you a safe space to seek counselling support. and take the first step.Conversations with family and members of support groups and friendsWomen can comprehend the other woman more. Talking to peer groups, support groups, or talking to other women in the family, like mothers, mother-in-laws will help you heal better and faster. This can help you receive emotional assistance in a more sympathetic manner. Housewife syndrome isn’t an usual mental disorder. It’s usually a combination of small issues that create problems, which can create hugely distressing for you. So, getting the appropriate emotional support in time will provide a great benefit.A hobby or a passion to pursueIn the past in the old days, the women of the home were always involved in many different things. They were able to take part in seasonal activities, like drying up vegetables and making pickles, lemonades or juices, knitting, stitching, and other pursuits. Every season was important and a list of tasks to be completed. This kept women active and they were attracted to a variety of creative things. They had little time to make an effort to deal with emotions, and other matters.As time passes, some of these activities have become becoming extinct. Therefore, you should re-energize yourself with imagination and hobbies that have been lost for a long time.Taking up a jobThis is the most beneficial way to live your life. It’s not about how much you earn, it’s more about gaining some time and using it effectively. A few bucks can boost your morale, increase self-confidence and help empower women. Additionally, it will make it easier to overcome their self-esteem issues, as the talents of a woman are used to the fullest extent. Nowadays various work from home jobs are available where one can work as per one’s convenience and strike a balance between personal and professional life.Include family members in the projectDon’t assume a psychological responsibility. In any undertaking, you should include family members who are involved as well. Ask for the assistance of your spouses, children, mothers-in-law and other family members. This will aid you to complete the job more quickly and create harmony within the family, along with a sense of belonging and accountability.Me-timeMake a plan for your day and take time to enjoy your own time. Utilise that time to cultivate your interests, skills and exercise, or take a stroll, join the gym, take a spa trip or meet up with others or shop for you. This will allow you to take an escape from the daily routine and you’ll be able to connect to yourself more effectively.Remember your mental wellbeing is as important as your physical wellbeing.
Lavanya Vallabh
Lavanya Vallabh
Fri Apr 28 2023

7 Signs of Depression you should Not Ignore

It was quite a realisation for the society when an A-lister actress, like Deepika Padukone, chose to come out and speak about her mental health condition in public. She openly discussed her struggles with depression and the impact it had on her life, including her failed relationship. Despite the potential negative impact on her career, she chose to speak openly about her experiences in order to help others who may be going through similar struggles.As per the World Health Organization (WHO) more than 264 million people are suffering from depression.But how does one know if they have depression? Is sadness depression? Or is sadness just a passing phase? Let us explore.Generally speaking, is a state of mind that can manifest differently for different individuals. Some people may not show any obvious symptoms, while others may have severe symptoms that greatly impact their daily life. Societal stereotypes and expectations play a role in how individuals perceive and cope with their mental health.It is not always easy to recognize depression, hence, it’s important to pay attention to how one feels and how the feelings change over time. Keeping an open dialogue with a mental health professional and loved ones can be helpful in identifying depression symptoms.Here are seven telltale signs that indicate you might be suffering from depression. If you don’t recognize them and take timely action, then you are stuck in a cycle that is hard to escape.Loss of interest or pleasure in activities that were once enjoyableLoss of interest or pleasure in activities that were once enjoyed is a common symptom of depression. This can include hobbies, social activities, or even work or school. People with depression may find it difficult to motivate themselves to do things they once enjoyed, or they may not find pleasure in those activities anymore. This can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness and can make it difficult for the person to participate in daily life. If you are experiencing this symptom, it’s important to talk to a family member, and visit a mental health professional for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.Changes in appetite and weightChanges in appetite and weight can be a symptom of depression. People with depression may experience a loss of appetite, which can lead to weight loss. Others may experience an increase in appetite, which can lead to weight gain. These changes in appetite and weight can be caused by changes in hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain that affect appetite and metabolism. It’s important to note that changes in appetite and weight can also be caused by other conditions, so it’s always best to seek help from a medical or mental health professional for an accurate diagnosis and treatment options.Difficulty in sleeping or excessive sleepingDifficulty in or excessive sleeping is a common symptom of depression. People with depression may have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, which can lead to insomnia. They may also have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning or feel excessively sleepy during the day. On the other hand, some people with depression may sleep excessively and have trouble staying awake during the day. These changes in sleep patterns can be caused by changes in hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain that regulate sleep. Difficulty sleeping or excessive sleeping can also make depression symptoms worse, leading to a vicious cycle. If you are experiencing this symptom, it’s important to talk to a medical or mental health professional and get help at the earliest.Feelings of worthlessness or guiltFeelings of worthlessness or guilt are common symptoms of depression. People with depression may have negative thoughts about themselves, their abilities, and their past actions. They may feel guilty for things they have done or blame themselves for things they have no control over. These feelings of worthlessness or guilt can be overwhelming and can make it difficult for the person to participate in daily life. They may also have a negative impact on self-esteem and self-worth, making it harder for the person to seek help or take steps to improve their mental health. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then you should not ignore this and get the best help at the earliest.Difficulty concentrating or making decisionsDifficulty concentrating or making decisions is a common symptom of depression. People with depression may have trouble focusing on tasks or following through with plans. They may also find it difficult to make decisions, even small ones. This can be caused by changes in hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain that affect cognitive function. Difficulty concentrating or making decisions can also impact a person’s ability to work, study, or maintain relationships. It can also make it harder for the person to manage their daily life. If you are experiencing this symptom, it’s important to talk to a medical or mental health professional for an accurate diagnosis and treatment options.Feeling disconnectedFeeling disconnected from what is important to you is a common symptom of depression. People with depression may have trouble finding meaning or purpose in things that were once important to them, such as their work, relationships, or hobbies. They may also feel disconnected from their own emotions, thoughts, and values. This can lead to feelings of apathy, emptiness, or numbness. It may also make it difficult for them to set goals, make plans, or take action to improve their mental health. This disconnection can also lead to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, which can make it harder for the person to seek help or take steps to improve their mental health. If you are experiencing this symptom, it’s important to talk to a medical or mental health professional for an accurate diagnosis and treatment options.Avoiding and controlling distress during depressionDuring depression, people may try to avoid or control distress by using a variety of coping mechanisms. Some people may try to avoid the source of their distress by withdrawing from social situations, avoiding certain activities, or avoiding certain people. Avoiding or controlling distress through unhealthy coping mechanisms may provide short-term relief, but they do not address the underlying issues causing depression and can make the symptoms worse in the long term. For example, withdrawing from social situations can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, which can exacerbate depression symptoms. Similarly, engaging in compulsive behaviours such as overeating, overworking, or overspending can lead to additional problems such as health issues or financial difficulties. These coping mechanisms can also create a cycle of negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that can be hard to break.These symptoms might not appear to be life-threatening, but pose a grave threat to one’s mental health and affect overall well-being. Hence, it’s important to seek help from a mental health professional who can help you to identify and address the underlying issues causing your distress, and develop healthy coping mechanisms that work for you.Online Counselling for DepressionIt can be difficult to open up with somebody for the first time. To make your therapy journey smooth, we have built a team of psychologists with expertise in depression. They have helped thousands of people just like you.You can to get counselling support from our psychologists. Our therapists will first understand your needs and perform a detailed assessment to diagnose depression. Then a customised treatment plan is chalked out to help you.Here is a review of one of the users Nirmala Shende, who used TickTalkTo to seek help;Don’t worry, TickTalkTo is not expensive. There are plans to suit everyone’s needs. Just give it a try. If you have an Android phone, download the app . And if you have an iPhone you can download the app .Remember that depression is a treatable condition, and with the right support and resources, individuals can recover and improve their mental health.
Lavanya Vallabh
Lavanya Vallabh
Mon Apr 17 2023

Top tips to deal with a Breakup

Although break-ups can be really tough to get over, but they don’t have to leave you broken. For some people breaking up might feel as though their world has turned upside down and things can never be back to normal again and others can feel relief after a breakup. If you are bitter or relieved after a break-up, it’s really okay. We are all humans and frankly, there is really no wrong or right way to feel about a breakup.It is absolutely OK to feel whatever you’re feeling. Just be kind to yourself and also remember it takes time to heal after losing someone who you loved so strongly in the past. We have compiled top tips by our psychologists on TickTalkTo who have helped many people like you to manage their emotions and move on after a breakup. Let’s dive in;It’s OK to miss her or himAcceptance is the first step I would recommend. The person you have lost now is someone who is a part of your story. You might not like the person now but repressing your thoughts and bottling up the emotions is not a good idea. You need to acknowledge that you two really did love each other at one time, however fleeting and flawed that love was. Don’t be in denial and don’t try to repress your strong emotions. You have to allow yourself to be sad and grieve the loss of an important person in your life instead of running away from the reality of the situation.Take it off your chestIt is important to talk it out. Perhaps your sibling or a bestie. Don’t hold your thoughts in your head and create a mental prison for yourself. Your friends and family who really care about you can be an amazing confidante. And they can support you through this process. Seeking help is a sign of strength and not weakness.If you are a more private person and don’t want to open up with family and friends, you can use a mental health counselling app to speak anonymously with an online therapist. At , we have trained therapists who have helped plenty of people like you who have been struggling with a bad breakup. Stop listening to Arijit SinghIt is a natural human tendency to grieve. And we do need time to grieve after a breakup but we also need to move on from that grief and make space in our minds for the rest of the universe. Music can really be healing. I would suggest to really revise your playlist and get away from sad songs or songs that remind you of the relationship. Perhaps try something more groovy. My favourites are Badshah and BTS.Grab that McDonald’s burgerThere are a few experiences we indulge in very often and have loved it since long. For me grabbing my favourite meal always make me happy and forget about my worries. It’s a good idea to pamper yourself. Spend a little extra time caring for yourself. If a burger doesn’t cut it for you, consider watching your favourite movie or go meet your friends over a coffee. It can really help you switch gears.Post Traumatic GrowthYes, that’s a real concept in psychology. You might have heard of many celebrities like Deepika Padukone whose careers skyrocketed after their breakup. Many people are able to channelise their hurt and anger after a traumatic even towards positive growth. And you can do that same. You can consciously push yourself towards your goals to overcome the sadness of breakup. Think of working out and building those abs, or studying hard to achieve your academic goals, or perhaps if you are in a job, up-skilling yourself.Remember that dialogue from “Jab tak takleef na ho na life mein, tab tak koi bada nahin banta hai.”An attitude of gratitudeWhile it’s hard to notice good things around you when you are down. But the truth is that there are plenty of good things and loving relationships around you. You just need to make a conscious choice to stare at your blessings rather than the void of breakup. Your parents, siblings, best friends etc. are all truly a blessing. You can chose to share a few laughs with them everyday. You can spend sometime in appreciating the abundant nature around you – the smell of the flowers, the twinkles of the stars and the coolness in the breeze.Before I sign off, I would just say that you might be down and out now because of that break up but life surprises you in ways you can’t imagine. And you will only be able to connect the dots looking backwards in future. Keep your eyes open for the next good thing life brings to you.
Sejal Sharma
Sejal Sharma
Tue Feb 14 2023
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